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Schroeder Solution Bridge

Schroeder Solution Bridge


The NEW Schroeder Solution

Available for purchase with or without our NEW Schroeder Solution Studs.  See drop down menu to choose your finish and stud options. 

Studs come without inserts (bushings) unless you request them.

Please note that our standard studs will NOT fit this bridge.

Jason re-designed this bridge to address the inaccurate intonation of Gibson guitars designed in the 1950s due to stopbar wraparound style bridges.  This is a widely known problem that has seen a fair amount of clumsy attempts to fix it.  This is the simple elegant Solution. The offset bridge posts on vintage 2-post Gibsons make it difficult to use other aftermarket bridges so that they fit correctly. The Solution, based on the Original Schroeder stoptail, has been completely re-designed so that it anchors comfortably on the offset posts, there is no gap on the treble side hook, and the saddles can be set up perfectly in line with strings. 

Easy string loading: The Schroeder Solution is solid on the underside (as opposed to other brands that have holes in the bottom of the string guide) for ease of string-loading and to prevent the string ends from coming through the bottom of the bridge which can result in finish scratching.

Quality materials and construction: Lightweight aluminum body, stainless steel clips, and brass screws and saddles.

Proudly milled in the USA.

Questions?  Please send us an email and we'll respond just as soon as we are able:


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