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Schroeder Straight-Back Stoptail


With standard stud spacing and custom styling, the Schroeder Straight-Back Stoptail is an excellent replacement for LP Junior, PRS and Tone-Pros stoptails or for use on custom instruments. The Schroeder Straight-Back Stoptail uses all of the advantages of our Schroeder Original Stoptail, but with a more traditional vibe.

Easily adapts to a 10” or 12” radius: The out-of-the-box bridge radius is 11” making it easily adjustable to 10” or 12” radius by fine tuning the saddles during setup. 

Easy string loading: The Schroeder stoptail is solid on the underside (as opposed to other brands that have holes in the bottom of the string guide) for ease of string-loading and to prevent the string ends from coming through the bottom of the bridge which can result in finish scratching.

Quality materials and construction: Lightweight aluminum body, brass saddles and screws, and stainless steel clips.

Use with Schroeder Top-Adjustable Locking Studs.

Proudly milled in the USA.

If you'd like us notch the saddles for you, the cost is $10.   Please add THIS ITEM to your order and specify radius.  Want to do it yourself?  Check out our Tech-Tips Page (or see below) for further instructions.


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