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Schroeder TL Straight-Back Half-Bridge for Bigsby

Schroeder TL Straight-Back Half-Bridge for Bigsby


Using a Bigsby style trem?  Want a humbucker or P90 or a Filtertron pickup in the bridge of your Tele?  No problem!

The Schroeder TL Straight-Back Half-Bridge for Bigsby is an excellent replacement for tele style bridges, or for use on custom instruments with a non-standard bridge pickup. The aluminum and brass construction provides warm, clear and bell like tone transfer from strings to the body of your guitar.  The TL Half-Bridge is intended for use with Bigsby style trem to hold the ball ends.

Due to customer request, we won't be including string through-holes on Top Load and Bigsby TL bridges moving forward. As we phase out these products, you may receive either hole configuration. Please inquire about stock on bridges for your preference.

Add upgraded saddles to your order HERE.

Schroeder TL Bridges (all versions) come standard with compensated high quality raw brass saddles and stainless steel screws.  If preferred, you may instead opt to add the upgraded saddle option to your order. You can add upgraded saddles to your order here.

Quality materials and construction: Lightweight aluminum body and brass barrels.

String spacing: 2.125" (2 1/8")

Proudly milled in the USA.

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